Brennia Kottefaru Launches Their Revamped Main Bar

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Due to an unfortunate accident, La Pella, the main bar of Brennia Kottefaru, had been closed for the past 3 months. Brennia Kottefaru is happy to announce that La Pella has been rebuilt better than before and is now fully open and actively serving guests.

Even though we rebuilt La Pella with the same design, we took the opportunity to improve upon the already established masterpiece. The changes we made are sure to improve the La Pella experience for guests while also ensuring their safety. We’ve improved the evening entertainment experience to the guests with upgraded equipment offering better live music and DJ experiences”, Ali Zahir, Chairman of Brennia Resort Management.

For New Year’s Eve, La Pella will be transformed to an entertainment hub featuring live music, performances by a solo artist followed by a stunning display of fireworks and a lively DJ to wrap it all up.


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