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Brennia is indeed a natural oasis, with eight types of villas strewn across its domain, a total of 102 land villas and 40 over-water villas. Each a personal haven from life outside of it, these villas are private and offer the guests luxury, serenity and space to unwind and be free. Decked with soft mahogany furniture and amber hues that create a warm cozy ambience, while at the same time providing the effect of spacious luxury, our villas offer comfort and familiarity.

Bougain Villa

Nestled under the canopy of the island sit these 10 Garden Villas, snug rooms that are 79 square meters in size and surrounded by the local flora, your own private Eden.

Beach Villa

Placed near the island shore, offering a view of the ocean, are our 45 Beach Villas of 143 sqm. Walk out of your room right onto the white sandy beach of Brennia and enjoy the dazzling view.

Beach Pool Villa

Imagine soaking in your own pool while you watch the sunset over the horizon. Our 30 Pool Beach Villas of 159 square meters have this appealing added feature to enhance your experience.

Water Villa

Suspended above the ocean surrounding the island, sit 20 Water Villas, each 111 square meters in size with stairs leading right into the ocean, your own natural pool.

Ocean Pool Villa

The 20 Pool Water Villas at Brennia are the perfect suites for romantic getaways. Take a dip in the pool overlooking the ocean and enjoy a drink under the stars in this dream villa of 130 square meters.

Two-Bedroom Beach Residence

If you wish to travel with family or friends, relish the experience in comfort by staying in our 2 Bedroom Beach Residence with Pool. These Residences are 370 sqm in size and feature their own living room.